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I, Abdulrahman Elheyb, was born in 2003 in the beautiful city of Aleppo, Syria. My journey in the programming world began at the age of twelve when I discovered my passion for computer maintenance.

Java became my starting point, and I enjoyed learning programming fundamentals and its exciting details. In 2018, I decided to delve deeper into the programming world, focusing on studying web development.

Specializing in web development became my focus in 2019, and my journey witnessed continuous and fruitful progress. By 2023, my vision settled on developing websites using the Microservices architecture, bringing a modern and advanced dimension to my projects.

However, my passion continued beyond just learning and mastering codes. I took the bold step of establishing my own company, Vexyverse. Despite my young age, I take pride in transforming this passion into entrepreneurship and offering innovative software solutions.

My journey continues, filled with challenges and aspirations. I constantly strive to achieve more, explore new technologies, and contribute to the development of the technology field with inspiration and creativity.


Software development

Graphics design


Do you have an idea you'd like to discuss? Feel free to get in touch with me! I welcome your idea, questions, and suggestions. Send your message to the Email address below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Let's turn your idea into reality together!